Glass House Arts

The Glass House is in Del Dios, a neighborhood of Escondido, CA on the shores of Lake Hodges. 
Its residents are Colin (He/Him) and MJ (They/She) [aka Amanda Joy). 
Cat, a small tree frog, and several fish also live here. 

These are some things we love about the Del Dios neighborhood:

Hodgee, the Lake Hodges monster


The Bull (our unofficial local newsletter)

Boating (open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday)

Del Dios Water Mutual (we own a 1/173 share of our water district)

The Old Firehouse (our community center)

KS Photography



Del Dios Glass House Instagram

Del Dios News (blog)

Parcel maps

This house used to be owned by Garry Cohen

Guide to Palomar