MOOT (Matter Out of Time) is a theremin powered time machine being built for Burning Man 2024. 

We are looking for collaborators, campers, and friends. No specific experience required. 

Please join us!


MOOT appears as a shiny, spiky ball, partially embedded in the playa.  The aluminum tubes span some fifty feet, but are surprisingly easy to climb.  Inside the ball you find a captains chair facing controls and a screen, but nothing seems to be working.  You sit down in the chair, and <WHUMP> the machine, with a thump and a flash, comes alive! A video appears on the screen in front of you, and the controls are flashing, so you reach forward, and <eeeeeooooouuuuuuummmmmm>

Wait!  The tone, and the lighting, seem to be controlled by your motion.  


Could it be?

Further experimentation shows, beyond a doubt, your motion also control the flow of time on the screen.  You are flying through time!


This main goal of this project is to build community.  Let's make art together and then go camping!

There are many different ways to contribute to MOOT - feel free to join our Discord even if you are only interested in helping out for one day or are just curious. 

Right now we are especially interested in talking with folks that are interested in taking on major roles.

Main fabrication will happen in Escondido, CA but most of the roles can be done remotely. 

Please join our Discord!  We literally can't do this without you. 

Check out the video below for a initial demo of a theremin wired into a computer with code controlling colors!  Audio on!

Code is here:

Initial rendering - not a final design, but just trying ideas on.