Temple of Floating Compression


The Temple of Floating Compression will serve as the temple for San Diego's Regional Burn, YOUtopia 2023, June 7-11!

We will also be taking the piece to Arizona's regional burn, Saguaro Man, May 10-14 and Black Rock City, 8/25-9/4  

The Temple of Floating Compression is a large tensegrity sculpture inspired by MJ's father, who enjoys making small models and suggested it would be fun for us to make a large one. 

The prototype on the right (below on mobile) shows the final shape.  The central piece is suspended by the shallow pyramid, and can rotate and swing freely.


The structure consists of 3 basic components: end caps, steel cables, and wooden 4x4s.  This simplicity is core to its aesthetic quality.

The 4x4s of the towers are 12ft long and are sanded, but otherwise untreated.  The 4x4s of the central icosahedron are 8ft long and have a char finish.  The end caps are plasma cut and welded steel.  Each steel cable is custom made to the appropriate length. 

The central icosahedron went to Burning Man 2022 - you can read more about it and the fabrication here and a video of part of our last test build is here.

Get Involved

If want to get involved, you can join our Discord for the project here: https://discord.gg/s8vJhJkqtN  

Fabrication on the project is complete.  However, we are hoping to constuct some seating to accompany the instalations.  We will also need crew to help out each time the piece is put up at an event. 

You can see more of MJ and Colin's previous art at https://www.deldiosglasshouse.com/stuff-weve-made