Plan Your Visit


There are a number of stairs to access the house.  The stairs are uneven and have no railing. The yard has lots of steep pathways.  If you are mobility impaired or have concerns about this, please be in touch! We want to find solutions!


There is room at the house for a number of cars, but for events with more cars most will get blocked in by people who arrive later.  Please write your name on your car if you block someone in so we can find you. Also if you block someone in, be prepared to move your car to let them out, or let them move it for you if that is the more appropriate choice.  It is fine to park along the street as long as cars can get by.  There is also extra parking in the lot on Orange and Date Ln.  It’s a quick walk to the house from there.  And of course, carpooling is a great idea!


There is a cat in the house.  If you are allergic, be prepared.  Also, try to keep doors closed. 


The property has a lot of broken glass all over it.  The prior owner was a glassblower and there is just glass everywhere.  No one has been cut yet, but we recommend shoes and some looking out. 


The shop area and yard has quite a bit of material that could be treacherous to the incautious.  The rock walls are merely stacked rocks and could crumble, there is art, scrap material around, and often active work sites.  There are also often rattle snakes in the area.  Just be aware. 


Please do NOT bring your dog.  The yard is not a good space for a dog (see note above about glass and there is a cat in the house.) 

We Can Do Better

We want our house to be a place where people feel respected and challenged; where they can have the comfort and support to be who they are while becoming who they want to be.  The Glass House is antiracist, antisexist, body positive, and all about consent. This house is a place for communication, stepping up, and calling in. Please let us know how we can do better.