The Kiosk is an art installation that debuted at Youtopia, the San Diego regional Burning Man event, in October 2023.

The main structure is a totally standard looking informational kiosk that you might see at the trailhead for a hike. It is accompanied by a national park sign in the classic style that, surprisingly, says “Youtopia National Forest”. That prompts you to take a closer look at the kiosk, and gradually you realize the information there is distorted, incomplete, and unbelievable. Some of the posters satirize burner culture or build on typical trailhead information, but other parts are almost threatening, hinting at a darker story…

Kiosk usually lives in a secret location in San Diego county - keep an eye when out and about and you may discover it!  It is also headed to two more regional Burning Man events in 2024.

Thanks to Youtopia for funding, and to everyone who helped with the project.

Missing Dog!

She is not lost.  I am just here at Youtopia and I miss her.  Enjoy this photo!


De Anza Springs Resort, the land owners for Youtopia, have recently transitioned from nudist to clothing-required.  This poster was our mild protest.

Lost Crystal

This is an exact reproduction of a poster I saw at a festival ten years ago.  Sometimes life is its own parody.

The PDF below includes most of the content from the kiosk, which was the real heart of the project.  If it is easier, here is a direct link.

Kiosk @ Youtopia 2023.pdf

Saguaro Man (Arizona regional burn), April 2024